These are the types of people who make
Startup Weekend happen:

You’ve been to Startup Weekend. Ever thought about helping organize?

"What's next?" is something we hear often after a Startup Weekend. One of the best ways to keep building in your startup community is to become an organizer.

To learn how to bring Techstars Startup Weekend to your town or interest-based community, head over to

The Value of Organizing a Techstars Startup Weekend


Guide & Resources

All the tips, tricks, and magic for organizing the best Startup Weekend.


Connect with customers and help build the movement

This is your brand's opportunity to discover and interact with the world's most passionate entrepreneurs, makers, and do-ers.


#GiveFirst with your experience, to build the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Remember what it was like beginning your entrepreneurial journey? Share your knowledge and experiences with teams at Startup Weekend.

Experience the magic of
Startup Weekend

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