Elevate Your Startup Vision in Just 54 Hours

Startup Weekend offers a dynamic three-day journey designed to transform your innovative ideas into viable startups. Experience the entrepreneurial hustle first-hand and accelerate your path to success.

Why participating at Startup Weekend?

Ignite Your Startup Journey

The power of community can be transformative. Startup Weekend offers a fertile ground for you to engage with peers who share your vision, providing the momentum you need to launch something extraordinary.

Gain Expert Insights

Discover the essentials of innovation, disruption, and entrepreneurship from industry veterans who’ve walked the path. Benefit from hands-on learning experiences guided by seasoned professionals.

Forge Meaningful Connections

Startup Weekend serves as a catalyst for you to connect with individuals who are as passionate and driven as you are. It’s the ultimate networking hub for meeting future friends, collaborators, mentors, and even co-founders.

Elevate Your Skillset

Whether you’re looking to refine a specific skill or broaden your expertise, Startup Weekend offers specialized sessions that cater to your developmental needs, propelling you towards rapid progress.

Upcoming Startup Weekends events in Switzerland

Basel – 2024

Biel/Bienne – 2024

Geneva – 2024

Lausanne – 2024

Zurich – 2024

What happens at a Startup Weekend event?

Friday: Kickstart Your Vision
The evening begins with casual networking and a light dinner. Following a quick ice-breaker and a brief orientation, the “Pitchfire” session takes center stage. Here, aspiring entrepreneurs have 1 minute to pitch their ideas—no slides or props, just you and a microphone. Once the pitches conclude, attendees cast their votes for the most compelling ideas. The highest-voted concepts are chosen for development over the weekend. The day wraps up as you join your chosen team, brainstorm, and set the stage for the days ahead.

Saturday: Dive into Development
The day starts with morning coffee and a light breakfast, fueling you for a day of focused work. Teams dive into their projects, taking short breaks for meals and brief educational sessions. Throughout the day, expert coaches circulate among the teams, offering targeted advice and guidance.

Sunday: The Final Stretch
The last day kicks off with another round of morning refreshments. Teams continue to refine their projects until mid-afternoon, at which point it’s time to finalize both the product/prototype and the presentation. The evening culminates in the final pitch session, where each team has 5 minutes to present, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A with the judges. Feedback is provided, and the teams are celebrated.

Is this for me?

If you’re intrigued by entrepreneurship, then Startup Weekend is likely a great fit for you. Our community is a dynamic mix of creative and business minds—half from tech and design, and half from roles like marketing and finance. No matter your background and expertise, if you’re passionate about innovation and open to new ideas, you’ll fit right in. Plus, we pride ourselves on gender balance, with an even split between male and female participants.

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